Recently, I came across an interesting article with Arthur_0x of DeFiance Capital, one of the most active investors in the DeFi space. He laid out his investment philosophy as follow:

“As software ate the world over the last decade, DeFi will eat traditional finance during the next one”

In this…

Just days after the TechnoKing’s widely anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), he tweeted this.

Call it FUD, call it controversial, one thing is for sure — it brought about a HUGE debacle around the energy usage of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

On one hand, proponents of Bitcoin…

What is PMCC?

Traditionally, for a Covered Call (bullish strategy), an individual must own 100 shares of the underlying stock before selling an OTM Call Option (to “cover” the risk to downside). This is capital intensive, especially if underlying stock’s price is high.

PMCC replicates that by using a Long Call Diagonal (different…

Student Coin Homepage

What is Student Coin (STC)?

  • A blockchain-based project/platform for university students to easily create personal, corporate, start-up and financial tokens
  • Founded in 2017, based in Warsaw, Poland
  • Officially launched in 2021 Q1 with Student Coin launchpad ICO, raised over $28 million
  • Supported by students from over 500 top universities worldwide
  • Backed by fundamentals and cyclical…


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